This website is dedicated to the First Year Graduate Course on Ceramics.

This course will deal with three topics,

(i) Elastic and Fracture Behavior of Ceramics,

(ii) Processing at High Temperatures including Environmental Interactions and Sintering,

(iii) Electrical and Electrochemical Properties.

In most instances the science will center on “zirconia” as the “model material” since it embodies interesting features in all three topics.

Each of the three topics will be covered in three take-home exams which will be in the form of extended home-works.

I will hand out practice HWs in the interim which will not be graded.

Towards the end of the semester you will be asked to give a presentation and submit a short paper on a a topic of your choice. The topic should be chosen early in the second half of the semester.

The links above will provide up to date information on these four topics, the three HW-exams and the paper.