Websites and More

These links are from the other course I am teaching first year students on "In the FootSteps of da Vinci". You may enjoy scrolling through these links

This is the video from the Aspen Institute that describes how LeonardoworkedThe Aspen Institute

Aspen Video

A great website that contains several links (e.g. biography, quotes, drawings, paintings and more.

a great website

One hour lecture at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston on da Vinci's Drawings and Paintings

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

It will be useful to visit a modern museum, as below, to get a perpective of art and design in the recent and present era.

VAM London Open Collection

This CV prepared by da Vinci when he was seeking work at the age of 30 years is a masterpiece. He imagines what he can do.

da Vinci CV (30 years old)