First Brief

please use the following nomenclature for all your briefs - it makes my life much, much easier since I have to file all your submissions


1 refers to the brief sequence (1st, 2nd etc.), .3 refers to the version. Usually I will return as 1.3R etc. with my comments.

da Vinci made 15,000 pages of (I believe) one-page expressions of his thoughts, of which only 6,000 are known to have survived. Each page contained a drawing and text to give his thoughts on the topic. These drawing are compiled in Codices, with collections given different names. They usually belong to certain periods of his life.

These codices are summarized in the following file

click here.

Codex Leicester, also named Codex Hammer, is the best know among them since it is exhaustive. Bill Gates bought it recently for $50M. A full size copy is located in the Oversize books section of the Special collections in Norlim. It has the following call number

In this first brief you are are asked to follow the method of da Vinci, that is one page with a drawing and some text that relates to the drawing. This is how the Codices are structured.
The drawing, preferably, should be done in your own hand, even if it copies what da Vinci has made.
The text should be brief, about 100-200 words, written crisply, without repetitions, and speaking directly to the reader. Each word and every sentence should be meaningful.

The following link includes first versions of the first brief that you-all have submitted

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