Attend and Participate

Alert: Please note the change in the grading method, that emphasizes attendance and participation
From: Rishi Raj

Subject: daVinci-120: Recalibration of grading.
Date: October 10, 2019 at 10:12 AM
To: FYS class da Vinci

Dear Class,

I have become concerned that many of you are often absent from the class. This is an issue since the class is meant to be interactive and discussion oriented. Therefore, if you do not come you are not meeting the requirements for the course.

You will find that as you get more involved in the discussion the more it will satisfy you.

In order to make the above happen, I am removing the “Final Work” from the grading schedule (it it presently assigned 25% grade). No Final Work will be required. Instead I will replace is by “Attendance and Participation” grade which will carry 25% weight. I will take attendance during the classes. So the new grading is as follows:
Brief One: 25%
Brief Two: 25%
Brief Three: 25% Participation and Attendance: 25% Total 100%

Let me know if you have concerns. Rishi Raj