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Latest News and Up-to-Date Information about the Course

11/12/19 The current groups and their topics are given below

1. Music and Architecture
Olivia Fan
Schehzil Lodhi (lead)

2. Flying, Telescope, Earth and Sky
Alan Ochoa
Will Clark
Luke Metzger (lead?)
Cleveland Edwards

3. Life and Death
Lucas Gebolys
Connor O’brien (lead)
Cormac Gorman

4. Military Machines I
Malia Brinson
Charlie Selby
Jacob Barsness (lead)

5. Military Machines II
Campbell Watson (lead)
Reid Godbey
Spencer Stilson

6. Human Anatomy
Jet Taylor
Chantal Verwey
Victoria Heredia (lead)

The link below gives the elements of the design for a lithium ion battery

A sketch/montage of designing Li+ batteries for differen uses

"Notes related to the water molecule

Origin of structure and the dipole moment of a water molecule
Paulings Electronegativity Table and the Periodic Table

The Third Brief Encpasses several depictions of futuristic designs (class attendance is not only required it is also necessary for you to be able to complete these tasks)

The week of Oct 21 (M and W)
Topic: Designing High Performance Lithium Ion Battery" Notes that will be discussed in class are enclosed below
Notes - Lithium Ion Battery

The time line for the second brief

Version 2.1 due Sunday October 19
Version 2.2 due Sunday October 26
Version 2.3 due Sunday November 02
Version 2.4 (final) due on Wednesday November 06 (please note mid week submission)