The PDF bundles for the content given below are given just below. They are of the following subjects: Geometry, Diffusion, Chemical Potential and The Sintering Equation. They will be added as we cover those topics in class.

PDF File for the topic Geometry

PDF File for the topic Diffusion

PDF File for the topic Chemical Potential

PDF File for the topic Sintering Equation


Geometry-1 Geometry-2 Geometry-3 Geometry-4 Geometry-5 Geometry-6 Geometry-7 Geometry-8


Diffusion_-1 Diffusion_-2 Diffusion_-3 Diffusion_-4 Diffusion_-5 Diffusion_-6 Diffusion_-7 Diffusion_-8

The Chemical Potential

ChemPot-1 ChemPot-2 ChemPot-3

Derivation of the Sintering Equation

SinterEqu-1 SinterEqu-2