Practice HWs on SINTERING

PDF: Silica Tetrahedra

PDF: Linear to Volumetric Strain

PDF: Mass Transport from GB Into the Pore

PDF: Diffusion

PDF: Chemical Potential

PDF: Sintering Equation

HW Exam on SINTERING: Due Monday, October 12, 2020

Take Home Exam On Sintering

Practice HWs REDOX

The following problems are divided into parts, related to the Chemical Potential, The Ellingham Diagrams, The REDOX Reaction, and still to come Oxidation Reaction

Some of the question may be difficult. Give them a try and we can certainly discuss them in class. The Take Home Exam will draw from these questions, some, not all.

PDF: Chemical Potential

PDF: Ellingham


PDF: Parabolic Oxidation Kinetics

HW Exam on REDOX Reactions: Due Wednesday, Nov 04, 2020

Take Home Exam On REDOX Reactions

Explanation for using Ellingham for CO/CO2 ratio analysis

Practice HWs Electrochemistry

The following problems are divided into parts, related to the Nernst Potential, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Materials, and Lithium

PDF: Nernst Potential

PDF: Equivalent Circuit of SOFC

HW Exam on Electrochemistry: Due Monday, Nov 16, 2020

Take Home Exam On Electrochemistry

Practice HWs Fracture

Problems are added after most lectures

PDF: Stiffness of Double Cantilever

PDF: Measurement of the Work of Fracture with a DCB specimen

PDF: Compare fracture toughness of graphite fiber reinforced polymers with that of plain polymers

Fracture Exam Write a Paper in any One Topic from the List Below

Please note that you can find addiitonal papers (refrence) by searching with appropriate key words under GOOGLE SCHOLAR - us VPN to download papers from this website

This Exam/Paper will be due during the last week of classes