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Versions of the Ordinance


Everyone is encouraged to speak at the Council Meeting on May 17th. Please come early. Suggestions for an outline of a two-minute speech:


(a) 20 seconds; an opening statement that you are present to oppose the Ordinance in its present form. You may wish to hold up the first page of the ordinance, which you can find here (just the one page) to emphasize why you are there.


(b) 90 seconds; make one to three points that you can feel viscerally.


(c) 10 seconds; ask that the Ordinance needs to evolve with further Citizen input.



Some Issues that can be raised:


(i) There already a Coop Ordinance on the books.. why can that not be used as the starting point for the emerging Ordinance.


(ii) No rental Coops in low-density residential neighborhoods.


(iii) The Ordinance is equivalent to  up-zoning of low-density residential neighborhoods.


(iv) The Ordinance is not being honest by stating that there would not be increased cost to the City for enforcement.


(v) The Coops will squeeze out young families from the single family home market.


(vi) The City is breaking the Social Contract with its Citizens. The Boulderites have been generous with taxes in the belief that it will improve the life of its Citizens; which has largely been true in the past. With this Ordinance the City is departing from this mutual trust by using out taxes to fund and encourage development, for example, through the Boulder Housing Partners Foundation. ‘


(vii) The Ordinance is ambiguous and poorly written, and it likely to face litigation.



May 12, 2016

Copies of Ordinance Proposals and Amendments (starting with the latest)



Ordinance May 12, to be discussed at the First Reading on May 17

(i) Amendment for East Aurora, Goss Grove, Martin Acres and University Hill Neighborhoods (pdf)

(ii) BOTCHA Definitions (pdf)

(iii) May 17th First Reading (pdf)


Draft of Ordinance Issues on May 7th Following the Planning Board Meeting on April 21st

(i) Draft of May 7th Ordinance (pdf)

(ii) Minutes of PB meeting on April 21st (pdf)


Original Draft

(i) Discussed at the Planning Board Meeting on Apr 21 (pdf)






Tuesday, May 17th; 6 PM

City Council Chambers

Sign up at 5 PM, 1777  Broadway

First Reading of the Ordinance


Let us make constructive suggestions, for example  (a) Tax  subsidies to Co-ops - distorts the decision making process, (b) Instead of a sledge hammer approach, experiment by  converting over occupied dwellings in high density neighborhoods into Co-ops, (c) Let us try owner occupied houses in residential neighborhoods as Co-ops under leaders who will provide feedback - but without subsidies please!!



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Two Reports


The Comprehensive Plan

Meeting on May 11th

at the

Boulder Library


Jill Marce and Judy Renfroe (pdf)




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