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Versions of the Ordinance

Co-op Ordinance


Extreme Occupancy in Single Family Homes

10 to 20 Person Co-ops Next Door to You


First Reading

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

6 PM (sign up at 5:00 PM)

City Council Meeting

1777 Broadway





The City is fast tracking a one-sided Co-op Ordinance drafted by a coalition of Boulder Housing Partners Foundation and their supporters, which includes real estate developers and young  people who are seeking subsidized housing (Group A). The mission of this ordinance is to open up single-family homes to Co-ops which will be permitted to house one resident for every 200 sq. feet, 8 residents in a 1600 sq. ft house for example. The owners of these single-family homes (Group B) have not been told, let alone consulted in the drafting of this Ordinance.


The one sided approach, just above, casts light on the bias in our City Government to favor one group (A) while ignoring the bedrock of our Community: the silent citizens of Boulder  (Group B) whose hard earned tax dollars will pay for this initiative. Imagine, what happens to the property value of a single family home with 10 to 30 people living next door. They will sell quickly. The extreme occupancy dwellings, built for single families will spread and unravel our neighborhoods.


Why citizens must speak?

Extreme occupancy can lead to up-zoning of neighborhoods.




Please write to the City Council and the Planning Board


City Council





Planning Board


Bryan Bowen (CHAIR)             303-443-3629  March 2015 - March 2020

Leonard May                            303-443-2407  March 2012 - March 2017

John Putnam                            303-825-7000  March 2013 - March 2018

John Gerstle                             720-470-5408  March 2014 - March 2017

Crystal Gray                             303-449-9680  March 2014 - March 2019

Elizabeth Payton                      720-234-0875  March 2014 - March 2019

Harmon Zuckerman                  303-494-3000  March 2016 - March 2021


Staff Liaison -  David Driskell at 303-441-3425

Board Secretary -  Cindy Spence at 303-441-4464

Ballot Initiative- November 2016

Simply stated this initiative seeks to lift the occupancy limits so that one person can occupy one bedroom which can be as small as 70 square feet.

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Tuesday, May 17, 10 AM

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What to ask from the Council?

Create a robust  ordinance.


Opinion and Community

Specific issues?

Private equity versus rentals, low density - high density.