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Versions of the Ordinance


Why Citizens must speak


It is critical for the Council to hear from Citizens from all neighborhoods, in large numbers. This is very important.


The Co-op advocates will turn out in large numbers. Their message is that they are victims; in fact they are looking for tax subsidy while living in residential neighborhoods.


When and Where


The Council meeting will be held at


6 PM on Tuesday, May 17th, at

1777 Broadway

(South West corner of Arapahoe and Canyon)

Parking: you may park for 90 minutes free of charge (but entirely free after 7 PM) in the main library parking lot which can be accessed from Arapahoe, just West of Broadway. Then walk across the bridge over the creek to City Hall.


Sign up to Speak

You will have two minutes to speak. Please have a prepared statement. Generally the opening statement should state what you want from the Council (for example, more time for the citizens to become engaged in the process of drafting the Ordinance), then something specific that you feel is troublesome to you, personally, and then end by repeating what you asked for at the beginning.



Some Talking Points


Some thoughts are suggested under Specific Issues link.





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