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Tuesdays 5 PM to 6:15 PM
Thursdays 5 PM to 6:15 PM

Practice HW on "Global"

PDF-HW00A: Problems Related to Global

HWExam on "Elasticity: Due 02/27"

docx-HWExam01 on Elasticity: Due 02/27

PDF-HWExam01 on Elasticity: Due 02/27

Future HW Exams

All future exams will be piecemeal, that is, questions will be posted as classes are progressing. You must submit your solutions within three days. The total grade for each topic (plasticity, fracture, etc.) will be the sum of the grades for these individualized questions. For example, on the topic of "Plasticity" about six to eight questions will be posted, each of which you must submit individually.

Piecemeal HW Exams on Plasticity

Piecemeal HW Exams on FRACTURE

Piecemeal HW Exams on Hi Temp Deformation