Summer 2012
(updated 02/11/2012)


Occasionally we have held small workshops (about 30-50 people) in Boulder, to highlight the developments in an emerging field, and to create a community of researchers with a shared interest in such an endeavor. This week long affair includes a day trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park, short hikes, visits to local bars, and enjoying the music in Boulder and the surrounding mountain towns.

This coming summer, in 2012, we shall host a meeting concentrated on next generation ultrahigh temperature structural materials constituted primarily from ceramic fibers and ceramic matrices.



All meetings are to be held at the University of Colorado Campus (Sewall Hall), in Boulder, Colorado, a beautiful city tucked into the very edge of the Rocky Mountains. Boulder is at 5600 feet, but the continental divide that rises to more than 14,000 feet is less than 20 miles away as the crow flies. The fee for the weeklong meeting which includes literally everything (food, lodging, events, the open bar every night, trips to the National Park and the local joints, a conference dinner are all on us) is about $800-$900.

EngineCeramics-2012 (this link will take you to a new site)

June 10 - June 16, 2012

Emerging energy, transportation, and space technologies are pulling the development of next generation "ultrahigh" temperature materials that can operate at 1400-2000^degreesC. This 2012-workshop is timed to take place mid-way between the UltrahighTempCMC Congress that was held in Bayreuth in 2010, and the follow up CMC Congress to be held in 2014. The meeting will especially seek to identify defects that limit the performance of CMCs.

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•Polymer-Derived–Ceramics (2012)
•NHSC-Mat&Struct (2012)
•Electro-Chemo-Mechanical (2012)
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