The funding level in this research group fluctuates, but we remain interested in undergraduate student, graduate student, and post-doc applicants in the areas described under "Research". If you are interested to apply please send a short letter with a resume` to:

Graduate students: please refer to the Department of Mechanical Engineering website to apply. The admission to the Ph.D. program includes two steps, which can be executed in parallel. First the graduate committee makes a recommendation based upon the merits of the application, next a faculty member agrees to support the student.

Application Procedure:

Post-Doctoral applicants: Please send a resume' along with a brief letter describing your interests to

Graduate Students (Ph.D.): (i) Please send a short resume' to (ii) Please go to the Department of Mechanical Engineering Website to submit a formal application:

Undergraduate Interns: Please send me a one page resume`, with a short cover letter explaining your interest, and also stop by my office for a short discussion.


Email and telephone

T: (303)492-1029
F: (303)492-3498
H: (303)447-8831

Department of Mechanical Engineering
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•Electro-Chemo-Mechanical (2012)
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