Timeline and Examples of Topics

Topics and Possible Titles for your Paper and Presentation

White Paper (one page) due by Dec 4th (Wednesday)
Final Presentation (ten minutes during class), Dec 11 (Wed)
Final paper due date Dec 13 (Fri)

Topics you have chosen

Bouckenooghe, Julian
Crack Propagation in Brittle Solids: Theory (or/and) Experiment

Davis, Parker
Gorrilla Glass: The basics

Jo, Seohyeon
The Architecture of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: form and function

Robles, Benjamin
Adsorption of Arsenite (As III) and Arsenate (As V) at Clay-Water Interface

Shrestha, Sushovan
Hydrocarbons (methane) as the Fuel for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Son, Myungkwan
Comparing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Li+ Polymer Electrolyte Battery

Adelman, Bryce
Color=r in Ceramics: the composition of glazes, kiln temperature and atmosphere

Snediker, Sean
Fracture Microstucture: Mirror Size and Fracture Stress Michalske et al.

Stewart, Grant
Graphene Cathode for Aluminum Ion Batteries

Your paper will be typically about five pages long with
(i) a descriptive title,
(ii) a 50 word abstract, and
(iii) the main section, which is written like a letter about five pages long with a line spacing of 1.5, including figures and tables.

You will give a 5-10 minute presentation with about 5-10 slides in ppt to the class. More than one student can have their paper on the same Topic Area, but the titles must be distinct.

To Search for Literature:
(i) Pick a few keywords.
(ii) Go to Google Scholar and look for a book or an article that is highly cited.
(iii)Click on the article title to read its content, most often CU has free access to the journals.
(iv) If a book, then login to Chinook and search. Most often the book chapters will be available online. If you are working at home then link to the CU server via Cisco-Connect, generally known as VPN.