Reduction and Oxidation of Ceramics

PDF Files for each of the sub-topics (added as class progresses):

03A_PDF Classification of REDOX ReactionsF

03B_Construction of Ellingham Diagrams

03C_Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Water

03D_Internal Oxidation of Si in Copper

03E_Oxidation Kinetics of Silicon

03E(optional): paper on oxidation of silicon carbide and silicon

The PDF files are imaged below, they are linked to the SUBMENU


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ellingham-1 ellingham-2 ellingham-3 ellingham-4 ellingham-5 ellingham-6 ellingham-7
water-1 water-2
silicon-1 silicon-2 silicon-3 silicon-4 silicon-5
silicon-1 silicon-2 silicon-3 Paper on Oxidation of Silicon and Silicon Carbide (for your reference only)