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Practice HWs on SINTERING

PDF-1A: Linear and Volumetric Strain

PDF-1B: Pore Geometry and the Driving Force for Sintering

PDF-1C: On understanding the fundamentals and applications of the chemical potential

PDF-1D: On the Science of Solid State Diffusion

PDF-1E: On Problems of Diffusional Flux in the Solid State

PDF-1F: On Problems Related to the Eqn for Sintering Time

PDF-1G: On Problems Related to the Arrehnius Equation

Take Home Exam on SINTERING: Due on Wed Oct 13

PDF-1H: Sintering: Take Home Exam

Practice HWs on Electrochemistry" Fuel Cells and Batteries

PDF-062A: Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion

PDF-062B: SOFCs-Power Density

Take Home Exam on Electrochemistry: Due on Mon Nov 08

PDF-2H: Electrochemistry: Take Home Exam

PDF-2HS: Solutions ElectrochemistryTake Home Exam

Take Home Exam on REDOX Reactions: Due on Mon Nov 22

PDF-2H: REDOX: Take Home Exam

Take Home Exam-I on Fracture: Due on Mon Dec 06

PDF-4H!: Take Home Exam -I on Fracture

Take Home Exam-II on Crack Tip Analysis for Fracture: Due on Mon Dec 13

PDF-4H2: Take Home Exam -II on Crack Tip Analysis for Fracture