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-01_Sintering Net shap processing of ceramics must begin with powders. Thier melting points are too high to cast them into molds like metals. The powders are pressed into net shape and then fired at high temperature to create a dense body.

-02_Electrochemistry Solid Oxide Fuel Cells need an electrolyte that conducts oxygen (in the form of ions) but not electrons. Zirconium oxide (zirconia) has this unique property. Electrochemsitry is the synergy between the electrical (ion diffusion) and chemical (conversion of hydrogen into current) behavior of energy conversion devices.

-03_Oxidation and Reduction Oxides react with oxygen in the environment. As a result they are in thermodynamic equilibrium with the environment. If the oxygen "activity" i.e. the partial pressure is lower than this equilibrium value then they convert into the metal.

-04_Fracture Ceramics are brittle. Designing with ceramics requires understandin the criterion of fracture.

-05_HiTemp Having high melting points ceramics are candidates for next generation gas turbines that operate at ultrahigh temperatures. Brittleness is the issue.


The final grade is equally divided among the five topics given above, that is, each carries 20% of the grade. Therefor there will be five partial-exam, each standing on its own.

The partial exam will be a take-home exam (plus see just below). The take home exam will be based upon Practice-HW problems that will post as the course progresses.

Take-Home Exam Plus: I would ask each of you to give a five minute presentation (with three slides as the most) as an addendum to your take-home submission. The presentation can be on any subject that lies within the boundaries of the topic. For exammple you may pick three problems from the exam and describe your approach in solving them. Or it may be an engineering application within the topic area. The presentation will be made on the due date of each of the Partial Exam and will be counted towards the grade.

Method of Teaching

Class begins with a question and answer period related to the previous lecture.

I will type the content of the lecture and insert figures (which I should have gathered prior to the class.

These notes will be streamlined and posted as pdf files as well as images that can be scrolled for full view of the lecture.

Deadlines and Deliverables

I will be open for one-on-one meetings for consults. Please make an appointment. Thursday afternoons should be fine.

The Deliverables are the five Partial Exams and the associated five minute presentations due on the due date of the take home. Presentations will have three slides with content related to the topic. The content may or may not be related to the problems set for the exam.