Mech Mat Sci
Rishi Raj 

(updated Spring 2021)

Jan 20: DNA Molecule

Stiffness of One Unit in DNA

Full Publication from which above is extracted

Jan 24: Youngs Modulus and Density Map

The Elastic Modulus and Density Map

Jan 27: Problems Related to the Periodic Table, the orbitals and electronegativity

HW 03 for Jan 27 class

Feb 06: Problems Related to Elastic Modulus and Bond Energy

HW 04 Modulus and Bond Energy

Feb 15: Problems Related to the Elastic Constants

HW 05 on Elastic Constants

Feb 22: Problems Related to Principal Stresses and Strains

HW 06 Principal Stresses and Strains

Problems Related to Elastic Properties of Composites

HW 07 Composites

Problem Related to Slip Plane and Slip Direction

HW 08 Critial Resolved Shear Stress in the Slip Plane and the Slip Direction

Problem Related to the shape of the shear displacement curve

HW 09: Sinusoidal Shape for Ideal Yield Stress Analysis

Problems Related to the Crystallography of Slip Systems

HW 10: Multiplicity of the Most Favored Slip Systems

Problems Related to the Force on a Dislocation

HW 11/12: Force on a meandering dislocation lying in the slip plane

Problem Related to the Curvature on a Dislocation Segment

HW 13: The Radius of Curvature in a Dislocation Segment under Applied Shear Stress

Problem Related to the Measurement of the Fracture Energy from the Change in Compliance with the flaw size in a specimen: the case of a double cantilever beam specimen

HW 15: Double Cantilever Beam Specimen for Fracture Measurement

Problem Related to Fracture Toughness as a Material Parameter

HW 16: Fracture Toughess, Work of Fracture and Stress Intensity Factor

Problem Related to Fracture Toughness of Glass seen from the events at the crack tip

HW 17: Fracture Toughess calculated from a displacement criterion near the crack tip

Problem Related to CTOD and the Plastic Zone Size

HW 18: Fracture Toughess calculated from CTOD and its Relationship to the Plastic Zone Size