Second Brief

This second brief will be written in first person, that is you are speaking for da Vinci. You may think of the period in which he lives (the start of the renaissance), his aspirations, and how he made his living. Try to get under his skin. Think of yourself as da Vinci - he probably had the same feelings as do you,

What you write does not have to be factual.. it is"autobiographical fiction". Think as if you are writing a play. The text can be longer than in the first brief. But again I would like to see a drawing - perhaps something da Vinci would have imagined for his next work (remember he made these at a rate of one a day).

Please refer to the "Resouces" link above for information about da Vinci.. There is also a section on where you may be able to find books related to the renaissance. Spend an afteroon (over the weekend if you cannot during the week) to take a deep dive into his life, his works and the period when he lived.

The time line for this brief is

Version 2.1 due Sunday October 19
Version 2.2 due Sunday October 26
Version 2.3 due Sunday November 02
Version 2.4 (final) due on Wednesday November 06 (please note mid week submission)