Leonardo da Vinci prepared this CV when seeking work - he was 30 years old

02_LDV CV Seeking a Contract in 1482-pdf

A time line of when da Vinci lived and the transitions in his life

03_LdV Time LIne and Historical Context-pdf

This is the video from the Aspen Institute that describes how LeonardoworkedThe Aspen Institute

Aspen Video

A great website that contains several links (e.g. biography, quotes, drawings, paintings and more.

a great website

Prof. Frank Moon was one of our inspiring guest lecturer, below is his book which is available at CU
"The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci and Franz Reuleaux" [Springer 2008]; TJ139 .M66 2007, Engineeering, Math and Physics Library

eCommons-Cornell University

Cornell Library contains fully digital version of Codex Madrid which is perhaps the largest and the most diverse collection of codices by Leonardo da Vinci. The link is given just below:

Codex Madrid at eCommons at Cornell

Norlin Library - Special Collections

LOCATION: Special Collections
CALL # ND623.L5 A4 1987.
AUTHOR Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519.
Codex: Leicester (also known as Hammer)
I believe this is the oversize book that we were introduced to during the tour.

Special Collection at Norlin

Norlin Library - Art and Architecture

These books are on the main floor of the library (turn left as you enter from the West Entance, up the steps)

They include da Vinci's works. The collection is exhaustive. So do a search before you go in - them of course you can look around the more
These books generally have the call number ND623.A252. NC257-I4. ND623-L5 etc.
for example see Leonardo da Vinci: Marvellous Works of Nature and Man

Norlin Library - About Life in the Renaissance

da Vinci lived in the early stage of the the Renaissance Period. To learn about his life you may wish to read of this period - how people lived, and the world around da Vinci when he worked.These books are on the second floor deep into the shelves. Try it.
They have call numbers that start with DG, for example this book is written like a play in first person in present tense DG445 .C58, "The Civilization of the Italian RenaissanceLeonardo da Vinci"

Norlin Library - Information from Alex Watkins our host during the Norlin Visit

I (Watkins) will attach the Chinook links here, though the professor/students can also run an advanced search on Chinook by author, put in Da Vinci, Leonardo and limit the location to Special Collections to see all of our facsimiles.
Link to Special Collections in Norlin - a great resource to understand Leonardo da Vinci Here are the links to the books that were laid out on the table in Norlin where we assembled:
Book 1 on the Table
Book 2 on the Table
Book 3 on the Table
Book 4 on the Table