Group Posters

11/12/19 The current groups and their topics are given below

1. Music and Architecture
Olivia Fan
Schehzil Lodhi (lead)

2. Flying, Telescope, Earth and Sky
Alan Ochoa
Will Clark
Luke Metzger (lead?)
Cleveland Edwards

3. Life and Death
Lucas Gebolys
Connor O’brien (lead)
Cormac Gorman

4. Military Machines I
Malia Brinson
Charlie Selby
Jacob Barsness (lead)

5. Military Machines II
Campbell Watson (lead)
Reid Godbey
Spencer Stilson

6. Human Anatomy
Jet Taylor
Chantal Verwey
Victoria Heredia (lead)

Study Rooms in Norlin Library

Small groups of students can reserve study rooms in Norlin library… these can be reserved by students only. It would be a good way for you to meet. You need to call
and they will key your Buff Card for entry
You can find Norlin Study Rooms Access at this Link