NHSC-Materials and Structures

The Team

The NHSC is being led by Dr. David Marshall, of the Teledyne Scientific and Imaging Company, Thousand Oaks, CA.The TEAM includes UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Berkeley, Missouri S&T, Miami University, University of Texas at Arilington, University of Virginia and the University of Colorado.

The collective objective of the Center is to Develop the Scientific Foundation for Performance Driven Design of Ultrahigh Temperature CMCs. The integration of theory and experiment is a key goal of the Center.

The Objective at Colorado

The specific task assumed by the University of Colorado is the development of new materials and the underlying science for their processing and chemical design, that can serve as oxidation protection for CMC at 1500degreesC and above. These coating are based upon polymer-derived-ceramics and hafnium oxide.

Colorado Collaborates

The students and post-docs at Colorado collaborate intimately with Dave Marshall, Peter Kroll at UT-Arlington and with Beth Opila at the Univeristy of Virginia. We also work with Prof. Susan Krumdieck at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Further collaborations with Santa Barbara and Berkeley are expected soon.

Key Findings

Hafnia doped PDCs have shown high promise for ultrahigh temperatrure coatings for SiC based CMCs. The key question being investigated is where the oxidation rate is controlled by the oxidation of the coating at the free surface or by diffusion of oxygen to the coating-substrate interface.


Publications are expected within the next one year, and will be posted on this website.

Boulder Workshops:
•Polymer-Derived–Ceramics (2012)
•NHSC-Mat&Struct (2012)
•Electro-Chemo-Mechanical (2012)
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