Current and Past

M.S. Students

(Thesis Supervision)


  1. Wayne Pavinich (NRC)
  2. Francois Abbo (France)
  3. Eric Liniger (IBM Watson Research)
  4. John LaGraff
  5. Veronica C. DuCamp (France)
  6. Vera A. Versteeg (Kodak, Rochester)
  7. Valerie` Jobin (France)
  8. Jean-Louis Houpert (France)
  9. Z. Zhang
  10. Atsushi Nagahori (Japan)
  11. Gurpreet Singh (Kansas State)
  12. Ibrahim Saleh (current, 2011)



Boulder Workshops:
•Polymer-Derived–Ceramics (2012)
•NHSC-Mat&Struct (2012)
•Electro-Chemo-Mechanical (2012)
•a poem
•a short story
•who am I
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•latest results
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